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The State Council of China recently proclaimed a day of national mourning for the earthquake victims in Yushu County in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu, Qinghai Province, China.


The embassy of the People’s Republic of China in London held the memorial at nine o’clock on April 21st.


Ambassador Liu Xiaoming and his colleagues mourned for the victims. They wore white flowers and stood in a silent tribute for three minutes.


The Chinese national flag was lowered to half-mast, consistently with the home country and its other overseas missions.


According to Ambassador Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese Embassy in the UK opened a Qinghai earthquake donation account.


“So far we’ve got so much support from our Chinese fellows in the UK, who are from diverse industries here,” said Liu.


Entertainment curtailed


As a sign of respect for the dead, public entertainment was curtailed in China.


Many cinemas, karaoke bars and Internet cafes were closed across the country.


Music and film websites were suspended for 24 hours, others homepages turned black or grey for the day, including newspaper mastheads.


Tianyi Chu, a student in London expressed her grief, “it’s really painful, previously, my friends and I had planned to visit a karaoke bar this evening, but we cancelled it as today is a day of national mourning for the earthquake victims.”


According to her, although she’s now in London, many Chinese students including herself still pay close attention to their homeland.


“Wherever we are, we are Chinese, whatever happened to our fellows has a strong impact on us,” said Chu.


Powerful earthquake


According to Xinhua News agency, by April 20th, the death toll from the earthquake in Yushu had risen to 2,064.


The number of people injured reached 12,135, of whom 1,434 were in serious condition. 175 people were still missing.

by Jingjing Li

A day of national mourning for Yushu earthquake victims


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