The Italian Cinema London is screening a selection of Italian films celebrating the 50 years of “La Dolce Vita” at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith this month.

The Italian Cinema London was created to provide more exposure to Italian films in London, explained Malaika Bova, the cinema’s Deputy Director.

“We have seen a strong interest from British and Italian people in London for Italian films,” she said.

“It helps to expose this affection for Italian culture which is the Italian cinema,” she added.

Bova noted that Clara Caleo Green, the Artistic and Sponsorship director has incredible experience in the industry as she was both Associate and Sponsorship Director of the Italian Film Festival UK for the last 15 years, working on several projects.

The Italian Cinema London was founded by Green as a new version of the festival showcasing Italian films in London.

“ La Dolce Vita”

From April 15-25, this year’s event would showcase the work of emerging directors and screenings of a collection of short films and documentaries reviving “La Dolce Vita/The Sweet Life”.

Directed by Frederico Fellini, the landmark film “La Dolce Vita” was considered scandalous at the time of its release, telling the story of reporter Marcello trying to find a meaning for his life.

Italian Cinema London’s event features the UK Premiere “Happy Family”, the latest comedy by Oscar-winning director Gabriele Salvatores.

The event would also feature the screening of “Ten Winters/Dieci inverni”, “The White Space/Lo spazio bianco”, and “Julia Doesn’t Date at Night/Giulia non esce la sera”.

In addition to the screening of films, the event features a photo exhibition of Sergio Strizzi “Portraits from the set” as a tribute to Italian cinema, featuring black and white portraits of Monica Bellucci and Monica Vitti.

by Randa El Tahawy

Italian Cinema London: Reviving Italian culture


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