Media workers have launched a campaign to challenge the British National Party (BNP) and their press coverage.

"Expose the BNP" aims at enhancing accurate reporting about the true nature of the BNP, said Donnacha Delong, Vice President of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ).

The need to create a campaign emerged after the election of two BNP Members in the European Parliament and the appearance of Nick Griffin, the leader of the party on the BBC program Question Time.

Expose is a politically non-affiliated campaign aimed at the media to challenge the BNP and its coverage.

"We think there is a problem on how the media covers the BNP, there is a pattern of very soft interviews with BNP leaders", said David Crouch, Press Officer of the campaign.

Delong believes there is a direct correlation between the success of the party and how the media is able to accurately expose it.

A Contested party

Another goal for "Expose" is to encourage media workers to campaign against the BNP in the upcoming general election.

"The BNP is not like a normal political party, they hide their real intentions. They hide the fact that they are a fascist party behind talks about democracy and freedom of speech.That is why they have to be challenged forcefully in the media", said Crouch.

The British National Party (BNP) stands for the "rights of indigenous people of the UK", believing in halting all immigration and repatriating British citizens of "foreign descent".

Many groups and organizations protest against the partyĆ­s racist ideas. Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and others have active campaigns to stop the BNP from gaining political success.

Expose the BNP, plans to create a website for media workers to respond to bad and good coverage of the BNP in the British Media but also to plan a protest in Bolton against the English Defence League (EDF) in Bolton on March 20 said Crouch.

"We know how the media works so we think that we can effectively put pressure on our colleagues in the media to admit the mistakes and try to prevent mistakes from being made when they cover the BNP".


by Randa El Tahawy

"Expose" to challenge the BNP


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