Christian charity Careforce recently celebrated a multicultural Jamboree at Rayners lane, North London.

Careforce is a UK-based Christian charity that sends out Christian missionaries to various churches across Britain.

The cultural jamboree took place at Elmfield Church, an Evangelical congregation in North Harrow.

It featured musical performances by a cross section of the missionaries, who sang a theme song "God is so good” in several languages.

Aged 17-30, these missionaries come from all over the world, including Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The evening served as a platform for Christian missionaries of different nationalities to present their cultural identity and share their experience from working in a foreign culture, said Tata Yengo, a missionary working for the Elmfield Church.

"I was afraid I'd lose my identity"

During the ceremony, Indian missionary Minnie Aluri recounted her decision to leave her job as a senior journalist in India to serve as a missionary in the UK.

"In my culture, it is not exactly easy to sit your parents down and tell them what you want to do with your life," she told the attentive crowd at the Christian festival.

"Especially when you are a girl, it's the norm to have your life plotted out by your parents," she remarked. “But I got to a point in my life where I was afraid I was losing my identity.”

That identity, according to Aluri, was her religious zeal. She said she found fulfilment by serving God in her new capacity as a Christian missionary.

Cockney Accents

Meanwhile, Ugandan-born Patrick Kizito made the audience roar with laughter when he mimicked the Cockney accent he has picked up during his service in East London.

"I always pronounced it wa-ter," said Kizito. "But on arriving in Britain, I was shocked to hear kids saying “Can I have some wo-ah?"

Careforce receives international volunteers each year recommended by the pastors of their churches in their local countries. The volunteers fill an application to take part in a one-year program in the UK that can be extended to two years.

by Brian Aboringong

Careforce Celebrates Multicultural Jamboree


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